Online Registration and Renewal of Ontario Master Business License (MBL)

It is an official document for individuals and organizations that allow them to operate their business under a specific registered name and it must be different from their personal and legal names. MBL It is taken as registration documents of various businesses and consolidates them into one document to simplify the process for entrepreneurs to establish and manage their businesses in Ontario. One can register the following businesses under this umbrella:


Sole Proprietorship

  • A business owned by 1 individual

  • Agency fees are $49 + govt. fees

  • Rush queue (2 hours)

  • New registration or renewal Option to add CRA accounts

  • WSIB

General Partnership

  • A business owned by 2 or more individuals.

  • Agency fees are $49 + govt. fees

  • Rush queue (2 hours) available

  • Option to add partnership agreement Option to add CRA accounts

  • WSIB

Trade Name/DBA/Operating Name

  • A business owned by an existing corporation

  • Agency fees are $49 + govt. fees

  • Used for 'doing business as the name' Rush queue (2 hours) available

  • New Registration or Renewal

Features & Functions of MBL

MBL gives the following features:

  1. Registration is valid for 5 years.
  2. The ability to operate a business name within Ontario.
  3. To open a Bank account, tax accounts, obtain cheques, business cards.
  4. Advertise and promote the business name.

The features are not provided by MBL

  1. Name protection against other business names in Ontario.
  2. Corporate tax benefits.
  3. Continual registration.
  4. Flexibility to make changes to the registration.


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