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icondigital Hub is the dominating IT service and business consultant company in Canada which started its operations in 2009. We have incorporated strategic technical acumen with proven delivery, certified processes, and constant R&D along with the agile methodology which delivers the highest results to clients from all business domains.

Touch the pinnacle of success with our unique Technological solutions. We give technological assistance in all tech fields and to all businesses from Small startups to larger business giants.

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Team Building Plan

Build Your Tech Team With Us By Selecting Our Team Building Plan.

Fix Bid Plan

Get Expert Tech Services At a Fixed Price And Set Conditions

Under this plan, we have made IT services economical for you and let you free from several expenses by making service bundles on set prices and fixed time duration of completions with certain requirements and conditions.

Your Enterprise and Our Expert IT Services

Take your business to new heights of growth and development with our business consultancy services as well as with our industry specific IT solutions for all industries either big or small.

Explore Our Advanced Next Generation IT Services

Analyze the astonishing and advanced level emerging technologies of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the icon digital Hub.

Why Choose Icon Digital Hub?

Icon Digital Hub is an IT company that is inspired by Challenges, Directed by Passion, and honored by Entrepreneurs. We follow the principle of transparency and adapt to innovation strategies in the IT sector. Get access to our highly professional team, and updated technological tools for best results in web development, software development, and design domains. We deeply understand the business need and system framework of your project and deliver intuitive and inventive solutions. With us, you will get a genuine quality to cost ratio that fits your budget.

Technological Innovation

The digital world is changing so fast and evolving with new technologies and innovative systems, we keep our pace according to the speed of technological advancement and give recent and updated IT solutions to our clients to maintain long term partnerships with them.

Guaranteed Excellence

Icon Digital Hub is highly committed to excellence. we are a quality and process oriented IT agency that provides high industry expertise to deliver quality technological solutions.

High Performance

We have adopted the result oriented approach to keep intact ourselves with high performance results for our clients through expert IT solutions. Check our portfolio to find out how we have maintained the legacy of good performance through cost effectiveness, technological content, and on time delivery of projects.

Our Proven Approach to Achieve Your Objectives

Achieve your business goals with our successful Icon Digital Hub Methodology, renowned for its structured planning and consistent results.

Step 1Understanding pattern identification

At the start, we properly understand the patterns of the projects by analyzing the current and historical data for better results and client satisfaction.

Step 2Pattern mapping user stories

The second step at our company is to do pattern mapping for the project scope. We categorize the user stories according to finalized and recognized patterns.

Step 3 Wireframes and front-end

At the third level, our expert team of developers creates wireframes and front end designs totally aligned with the recognized pattern and user stories.

Step 4 Model development and training

At the fourth level, our expert designers do design modeling for a better depiction of the final AI product based on machine learning technologies and provide training to the users for better and error free results.

Step 5 Development and deployment

At the final stage, we finalize the product, pass through different quality testing phases, and then perform deployment and integration at Cleint’s end with his complete satisfaction.

Your Cybernated Business Partner in All The Industrial Sectors Across The Globe.

  • Healthcare
  • Ed tech
  • Fintech
  • E-Commerce
  • Gaming

Reinvigorate The Health Sector With Digital IT Solutions

Software solutions have become necessary for a sector that holds a wide range of data. The healthcare sector is one of them that produces huge amounts of data about patient care, operations, and subscriptions, it generates huge records hence we assist them with comprehensive industry related software solutions to make the sector more progressive and innovative.

Experience the Smart Education With Our Smart EdTech Solution

We give IT solutions to huge education departments to make them more progressive and connected with a single system for performance maintenance. Our educational management software manages the huge educational data and teacher student interaction by using the technologies like VR/AR, AI, and virtual classrooms. We also provide tools that allow you to enjoy a restriction free eLearning process and achieve better educational results.

programmed and Secured Fintech IT Solutions With Icon Digital Hub

In today’s competitive environment, smooth and efficient financial systems are the need of the hour. We provide user friendly, highly responsive Fintech solutions that will analyze operational expenses, and organizations’ ongoing costs and will maximize the existing resources. We also help you to create the best analytical tools that will help you collect and analyze a wide range of customer data to gain an understanding of customer needs regarding banking or financial institutions.

Professional and Leads Conversions Ecommerce Solutions

We offer personalized ECommerce Website Design & Development services. We provide advanced tools and expert services for Ecommerce store design and UX Design enhancement along with website migration and version upgrades. We develop highly responsive, User friendly secure, and protected transaction systems in Ecommerce environments.

Our Gaming Solutions Will Make You Dive Deep Into The Virtual World.

We provide complete gaming solutions that are highly user friendly with attractive 3D designs. We provide advanced tools that allow users to experience the metaverse using advanced technology. Our expert team of game developers designs games that have a high responsive rate and are highly innovative in terms of conceptualization.

Case Studies

Discover how our IT solutions drive ROI and traffic for our clients worldwide.

Our Blogs

Our experts give expert tips and technological knowledge on trendy topics and highly discussed articles in the technological domain. You can enjoy their tips and remain updated with changing technologies and trends in the IT world.
It is no secret that digital tools have rapidly accelerated...
It is no secret that digital tools have rapidly accelerated...
It is no secret that digital tools have rapidly accelerated...
It is no secret that digital tools have rapidly accelerated...
merakist-l5if0iQfV4c-unsplash (1) (1)
Today, we stand on the cusp of a paradigm shift. The...

What did the clients say about the company?

I have worked with icon Digital Hub and am inspired by their website development skills. Its design and Responsiveness are superb. They are highly professional and meet their time limits after properly communicating and getting a proper picture of my business module. I want to personally thank you for the outstanding job. Well done icon digital Hub Hub team!

I have screened various applicants for my Ecommerce website development project and selected Icon Digital for their good communication skills and professional attitude to meet deadlines. The website's designs are so appealing and userfriendly. I am highly satisfied with the team's performance.

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