Digitize Your Enterprise With The Canadian Digital Adoption Program(CDAP)

Innovate Your Operations

Acquire Government Grants Through Our Business Consultants & Advance Your Business

Our Consultant will help you get Government grants to analyze and plan your business. Moreover, our experts will help you to find better digital solutions and strategies to modernize your organizational operation.

15000 Digital Adoption Plan

Under this plan, the government will facilitate a $15000 grant to deep analysis of the business problems, and find opportunities for better and faster digital operations to increase your profits.

$7,300 Wage Subsidies

The government Facilitates you to hire technological brains that speed up your business process on technological grounds with a $7300 wage subsidy plan.

$100,000* No Interest Loan

Apply the digital strategies along with digital skill training to existing force and update both software and hardware machinery With a $100000 interest free loan facility by the Government.

CDAP Program is Closing

The government announced on February 16, 2024, that they are going to close the CDAP program almost two years early. Before the applications get close, hurry up and apply in no time to reap maximum benefits from this program.


Successful companies are advancing their Digital Adoption. Here’s why:


more likely to experience revenue growth


more likely to experience revenue growth


more likely to experience revenue growth


more likely to experience revenue growth


Full comprehensive Analysis

Our experts will do everything for your business. we do deep analysis in the following domains and mark those areas where digital installations will improve efficiency and profits by reducing costs.


Easy, clear, and fast communication is the need of the hour so We do research and apply technological strategies in the communication fields through specially customized software and digitalize your communications.

Automation and AI

Our AI experts will help to equip your business operations with emerging AI technologies to automate your industrial processes fully. This will reduce costs and maximize profits.

Branding & Marketing

We facilitate you in marketing and designing fields by redefining marketing strategies through automated marketing funnel technologies. Moreover, we redesign your branding item packaging, logo, and website design for better business performance.


We give technological solutions that will make your operations secure from hackers and other viruses. Moreover, we provide software development solutions for industries to make their locations and data secure from theft.

Financial Reporting

Our company provides financial software solutions to all businesses to make their financial reporting easy and aligned to avoid any discrepancy in data.

Management and HR

We assist you in analyzing the managerial and recruitment process and update them where needed with advanced technology or software to speed up the hiring process and make the management effective and fast.

Prerequisites for Application

A few essentials are necessary to fulfill to get qualify for this program:


A company earned a minimum of $500000 and not above $100 million gross profit in one of 3 previous years.


The company has 30 or more payroll hours weekly

Legal firm

A legal Canadian based sole proprietor or for profit organization.


The company has a minimum of 499 or fewer employees.

Discover the Success stories of the employees

Get inspired by the success tales of co workers and see how the hard work has paid them off rightly.

Our Process

Follow 4 steps and take your business to the heights



The first step is to apply for the program with the help of our consultant and get eligible for a grant of $15000 for the initial phase of analysis. We cover 90% cost from these funds.


Analysis for CDAP

In 2nd step, our expert consultant do a detailed analysis of your company's position in terms of technological advancement and margin the areas where software inculcation will benefit the company.



Following the recommendations of CDAP for the implementation process, We help to grab the funding $100,000 interest free loan from the BDC. you do not have to pay a penny in the first year and then pay over the following 5 years. Note that the business with revenue less than $5mm will receive a $50,000 loan.



Our team of experts works closely with your team and installs the technological devices software and hardware, as well as give skill training to make your business up to date with advancing technology.


Lovely and talented people work here

Our rockstars include Senior Engineers, Phds, AI Experts, Data Ethicists, MBAs, Deloitte Alumni, etc.

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